Tea Strainer - Collapsible

Tea Strainer - Collapsible

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Fitting just about any mug the Collapsible Tea Strainer is easily stashed in its smallest form. With a deep body and wide rim at the top, most any vessel can be the chosen vessel for your tea. The Collapsible Tea Strainer utilizes laser mesh technology, keeping leaves in the infuser and out of your favorite cup. Upon the happenstance that tea leaves are left in this strainer all day or overnight, its 18/8 stainless steel composition removes the worry of rust. All the more reason to feel happy and lucky! Specs:
Material: 18/8 stainless steel
Diameter of outer rim: 3.75"
Diameter of inner rim: 2.25"
Height: 2 5/8”, 1” when collapsed Leafster Recommendations: China Royal Phoenix, China Lapsang Souchong “Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong”, Green Rooibos


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