Curve Mug - stainless infuser - 15oz

Curve Mug - stainless infuser - 15oz

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Everything is in one spot with the 15 oz Curve Tea Mug w/ Infuser, which includes a 15 oz cup, stainless steel infuser, and matching ceramic lid to conserve heat. After drinking a cup of your favorite loose-leaf tea the cup and lid can go right into the dishwasher. The only remaining question is which fabulous color of the Curve Tea Mug is perfect for you! Instructions for use:
1. Place infuser in the cup, and fill infuser with Happy Lucky’s tea.
2. Fill cup with water and infuse tea. (refer to Happy Lucky’s brewing instructions).
3. Remove infuser and enjoy!
Spec’s: Material: Ceramic, Stainless steel infuser Size: 5”H, 3.5”Diameter Volume: 15 oz. Colors available: Red, Carrot, Mandarin, Lime, Ivy, Turquoise, Blue, Purple Dishwasher safe: Yes Microwave safe: Yes Leafster Recommendations: Korea Yipcha, Golden Jasmine Pearl, Moon Cycle


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