Minako Teaset - bone china - 14oz

Minako Teaset - bone china - 14oz

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A true representation of Chinese art, the white Minako Bone China Tea Set is finished with an idyllic bamboo sprig design, and includes a 14 oz. Teapot with infuser and two cups. Gain a glimpse of Chinese creative tradition by using this tea set to enjoy your favorite loose-leaf green tea! Spec’s:
Material: Bone China
Teapot: 16 oz.
# of Cups: 2
Infuser basket included: yes
Color: White with green detail Leafster Recommendations: Taiwan Wenshan Baozhong, Nepal Honeysuckle Green, Glenburn First Flush Darjeeling FTGFOP1


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Teafu Silicone Tea Infuser
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1. Open the Teafu by pushing the PUSH button between the arms of the infuser.
2. Put your favorite Happy Lucky’s tea inside the silicon pod and snap shut.
3. Submerge the Teafu into a mug and brew for the recommended time. (refer to Happy Lucky’s instructions for recommended proportions, water temperature, and brew time)
4. Once tea is finished brewing, squeeze the Teafu while holding it over your cup!
5. Then, remove the Teafu and stand upright on a flat surface for no mess! Spec’s:
Material: Nylon base, stainless steel arms, premium-grade silicon pod
Size: 6.7”L, 1.7”W
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