Mini Bubble Teapot - black cast iron - 9oz

Mini Bubble Teapot - black cast iron - 9oz

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The 9 oz. Cast Iron Mini Bubble Teapot is a tinier take on a Happy Lucky’s classic, serving your most delicate green tea or a majestic black tea, while withstanding the elements for a lifetime. The interior of the Cast Iron Mini Bubble Teapot is sealed with protective enamel, and the cast iron composition is able to hold a high degree of heat and distribute it evenly, preserving the flavor of each pot of loose-leaf tea!
Material: Cast Iron
Teapot: 9 oz.
Infuser basket included: yes
Cups included: no
Color: Black
About cast iron teapots: Cast iron teapots came on the scene in Japan in the 18th century. Previously, tea was prepared in powdered form. With the emergence of loose-leaf tea, the Japanese public needed a means to steep tea leaves. During the 19th century, cast iron teapots became symbols of status, intricately and gracefully decorated. Teapots like these are what you will encounter at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse. Leafster Recommendations: Japan Sencha, Korea Yipcha, Japan Matcha Infused Genmaicha


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