Rooty Pu Shou Pu-er Blend

Rooty Pu Shou Pu-er Blend

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Product Description


Root’n toot’n, pooty pu! China Velour Pu-er, Sarsaparilla, Birch Bark, and Ginger. It’s deep and robust while stimulating for the root chakra and the lower g.i.

Steep Time: 7+ min
Water Temp: 212deg;
TSP per 8 oz.: 1.5
Infusions: 1


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Dream Weaver Herbal Blend

A Happy Lucky’s herbal blend of Rooibos Vanilla, chamomile, lavender, spearmint, orange peel, linden leaf and flower, passion flower, skullcap and valerian root. Designed with sleep induction and deep relaxation in mind, the flavor has a cooling and creamy quality with a citrus brightness. “Climb aboard the dream weaver train...”

Steep Time: 5-10 min
Water Temp: 200°-212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1
0 100