China Bulang Shou Pu-er 2015 Bing 100g

China Bulang Shou Pu-er 2015 Bing 100g

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Using the same material as our 2015 Bulang Sheng, this tea is composed of young, shortly aged leaves from the Bulang mountains. When comparing to the sheng cake you will notice similar notes of minerality and a slight sweet linger in the later brews which is typical of tea from the Bulang Mountain in Yunnan. The Shou Bulang is unique compared to its twin by featuring rich flavors of mahogany, old fall leaves, and worn leather. It also features a thinner liquor than most ripe pu-er teas which may help those new to the genre enjoy the robust flavors, while not being overwhelmed by the thickness of the liquid.

Steep Time: 1/2-2 min
Water Temp: 212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1-5


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