Tea by Type

Teas By Type

White, Green, Yellow, Oolong, Black, and Dark (Pu-er) can they all really be from the same plant? Exactly! That's what makes tea so exciting. The basic steps of withering, oxidation control, rolling, firing, drying, grading/sorting and packaging are common steps among types. But the specifics of each processing method, some secretive and passed only from family to family, estate to estate, garden to garden, yield it's own tea type. Combine the seasonality of the harvest times throughout the growing year and the pluck, which leaves are actually picked, create a myriad of teas with beautiful leaf shapes and colors, and amazing aromas and flavors. Add some fanciful and sometimes hard to pronounce names and welcome to the world of tea.

The end result is some loose-leaf tea to savor and enjoy. With so many choices there certainly is a favorite waiting for those who choose to explore. 

Loose leaf tea is sold by the ounce. If you want more than one ounce, simply increase the number.