Korea Daejak Green Tea

Korea Daejak Green Tea

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“Dae” of Dejak means “big”, and as far as Korean teas go, this is big leaf tea. After Jeung-cha, the leaves experience the Korean wok, which has some differences from their Chinese counterparts, most noticeable would be the time and heat used to finish the leaves in the wok. In Korea the wok may be as hot as 800 degrees, requiring the full concentration of the tea master as to not scorch any leaves. The end result is complex; they haven’t cooked long enough to pick up any deep toasty or roasty notes, and the tea is still vibrant and full of life. The flavor is sweet, savory, with a grain like base note.

Steep Time: 20 seconds
Water Temp: 140°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 5-10


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