Santosha Herbal Blend

Santosha Herbal Blend

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Product Description


Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment. We see this as an appropriate title for a blend that is both nutritious and full of botanicals renowned for their therapeutic qualities. Santosha contains Rooibos Vanilla, bergamot, rose petals, cornflowers, red raspberry leaf, lavender, and licorice. The flavor is floral and creamy with a lingering sweetness.

Steep Time: 4-7 min
Water Temp: 200°-212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1


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China Silver Needle "Yin Zhen" White Tea

This white tea is made exclusively from the newly sprouted buds of the tea plant. These buds have silvery white down and produce a silky texture in the brew. They are heat braised in covered pans or dried in direct sun with minimal or no oxidization. A roasted chestnut flavor undertone and a wild honey aroma make way for a delicate, lingering honeysuckle aftertaste. This is a tea that should be savored.

Steep Time: 30 seconds-3 min
Water Temp: 170°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1.5
Infusions: 2-3
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