Taiwan Dongfang Meiren "Oriental Beauty" Silver Tip Oolong Tea

Taiwan Dongfang Meiren "Oriental Beauty" Silver Tip Oolong Tea

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This is a tea of many names. “Silver Tip Oolong” refers to the white, silvery edges of the leaves. “Champagne Oolong” is due to the sweet, Darjeeling-esque muscatel linger. Its signature flavor develops from the leaves being nibbled by Leafhoppers while the plant is growing. The insect sucks juices from the plant, causing the bush to react and produce compounds that, luckily, taste great and lend sweetness. The tea is grown at a low altitude in a warm climate specifically to encourage these insects. This tea is harvested in the summer and is fairly heavily oxidized, but not roasted. Its aroma is naturally fruity with a sweet tasting, bright reddish-orange liquor.

Steep Time: 1-3 min
Water Temp: 200°-212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1.5
Infusions: 1-6


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Cape Town Earl

Well, the Cape Town Earls sing this song doodah doodah Ah the Capetown race track's five miles long oh doo-dah day Goin' to brew all night, goin' to brew all day Honeybush Vanilla, blended in house with bergamot oil.

Steep Time: 3+ min
Water Temp: 212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1
0 100