Tea About Town

Where can I get Happy Lucky's Tea when I am traveling About Town? Visit these amazing places and ask for Happy Lucky's tea by name. 

  • Bean Cycle Roasters: An assortment of Happy Lucky’s loose leaf tea, served up hot or iced, plus a to-die-for custom chai blend spiced up with fresh ginger and blended into artisan creations.

  • Butterfly Cafea craft kitchen with a small footprint, and a big soul located in the 400 sq.ft. historic Butterfly Building. Ask for the Chai.
  • The Coffee Tree: in Loveland: Features the largest assortment of Happy Lucky’s tea outside of Happy Lucky’s teahouse! Served hot and iced. Pairs well with their delicious, homemade baked goods.

  • Five Tables Cafein Loveland. Five Tables Cafe is a grab ‘n’ go café that’s the ideal respite from the workday or ground zero for a collaboration with colleagues.
  • FoCo Cafe: Happy Lucky’s Relaxation Tea can be found iced and on tap here Monday - Saturday 11am-2pm. Support feeding our community!

  • FoCoDoCo, Fort Collins Donut Company: donuts “Colorado Style.” Everything from scratch without unnecessary sweeteners or preservatives. We suggest a dozen with some Happy Lucky's tea.
  • Genesis CoffeeGenesis Project exists to create space for people to discover new beginnings through transforming relationships with Jesus and others.

  • The Gold Leaf CollectiveNot only do they serve a Happy Lucky's custom blend, Daniel Grey (named after the head chef and take off on the classic Earl Grey), but they also infuse it into all kinds of tasty treats: try Daniel Grey gelato, Daniel Grey glazed croissants, and Daniel Grey shortbread cookie. The whole menu is vegan and gluten free!
  • Howling Cow CafeLocated in Bellvue, Colorado near the entrance to Rist Canyon. A great destination for a bike ride or drive in the country.

  • Javastopin Longmont. 
  • Jessup Farm: A customized assortment of Happy Lucky's loose leaf tea, to compliment their awesome, local-sourced, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

  • The Kitchen: Enjoy a lovely selection of Happy Lucky’s tea at your table, the perfect ending to the prefect meal. Eat well and support a community sourced and locally sustained food system.

  • The Lyric CinemaThe Lyric is a unique destination with carefully curated and sometimes surprising film, food, and events. They host the best Boba Tea in town—made with a special Happy Lucky's tea blend. 

  • Linden Street Cafe: Home to Ezra, a most widlly creative baker! Try his tea infused scones paired with an assortment of Happy Lucky’s brewed tea - to die for!

  • Mandara Skin and Body Spa: Tea infused therapies complete their holistic approach to relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation. 
  • Me Oh My Pie: in Laporte: Named after Bob Dylan's tune, "Country Pie," who sings "oh me oh my, love that country pie." They host an assortment of brewed teas to go with their delicious homemade pies!
  • Momo Lolo Coffee House: They have a whole menu of Happy Lucky’s matcha based lattes—try the Hulk.

  • MUGS Coffee Lounge: Matcha, Matcha, Matcha! MUGS is building Community Through Coffee and serving up a mean matcha latte.

  • New Belgium Brewing: A new brew coming soon with Happy Lucky's sourced herbal tea. 

  • Nuance Chocolate: Happy Lucky's Tea and chocolate pair together beautifully in this artisan, craft chocolate shop with the largest bean-to-bar selection in the world!

  • Revolution Artisan Pops: Popsicles made with Tea! Try Hibiscus Raspberry and Rhubarb Jasmine—so, so yummy! 
  • Social: Tea infused cocktails you can’t get anywhere else. Try the Old Stogie for an amazing, smokey peach-earl grey, taste sensation!

  • The Waffle Lab: What goes better with a brew of Happy Lucky’s loose tea that a waffle? Tea infused peaches on top, of course!

  • White Tree Sushi: Relaxation Tea and Oolong can be found here to go with creative sushi menu and homemade Korean dishes.

  • The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro: Pairing Tea with Cheese is a revolutionarily delicious idea! Try it.

  • Wolverine Farm and Public House: An assortment of Happy Lucky’s loose leaf tea and a delicious custom chai can be had here, while you get your literary groove on in their writer focused cafe! 

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