February is TEA LOVER month!

We're treating you to our favorite Pure Leaf Teas! 

Just "Flash Your Card" at both Happy Lucky's locations for a BOGO brewed pot of tea of our BEST Pure Leaf Teas!

February BOGO Brew Tea Lovers

Flash your:

Poudre River Library Card

Mountain Ave Market Coop Membership

25 Pocket Points 

Featured Teas for TEA LOVERS and Tasting Teas of The World Event 

Yin Zhen - Silver Needle White Tea
China Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong
Taiwan Bamboo Mountain Oolong
China Dragonwell Long Gin Green Tea
China Mojiang Golden Bud Black Tea
China Didi Dao Dao Hong Cha Black Tea
China Rooster Shen 2017 Bing Cha Pu-er
China Wulu Tribute Green









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