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Like your iced tea shaken not stirred? The stainless steel 24 oz. Iced Tea Shaker shocks your brewed tea over ice to preserve flavor, then shakes it up for a refreshing beverage. Stay cool with 20 oz., not including ice, of your favorite iced tea! Instructions for use: 1. Make a concentrate of your favorite Happy Lucky’s tea (more tea to less water). 2. Fill Iced Tea Shaker to the top with ice. 3. Pour brewed (hot) tea into Iced Tea Shaker. 4. Place top back on Iced Tea Shaker, hold the top and bottom, and shake for about 10 seconds. 5. Pour iced tea into a 20-24 oz. cup and enjoy! Spec’s: Material: Stainless steel Size: 10”H, 3.5”Diameter (at widest point) Volume: 24 oz. Color: Steel Leafster Recommendations: China Tranquility Mao Feng, Raspberry Black, American Roots


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The T-Spoon is both for tea lovers just starting to proportion their own loose-leaf cups and for the accustomed who know just how they like their tea. In fact, Happy Lucky’s uses this spoon every time we serve up a pot of tea. Enjoy each cuppa! Spec’s:
Material: Steel
Size: 4.8” Length
Volume of scoop: 1 teaspoon
Color: Steel
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