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Matcha Madness - A Tea Tournament! 

It’s March Madness with a Tea twist.   Here’s how it works: we've seeded our top 32 most popular teas into tournament brackets  and there will be a daily face off at our tea tasting station in both stores.  Stop by the teahouse and give the challengers a taste - you choose the daily winner by filing out a ballot and placing your vote. The tea with the most votes each day moves on to the next round.  At the end of March, we’ll know which tea is our collective favorite!

Every time you vote, your ballot is entered into the drawing for Happy Lucky's merchandise during the Final Four.  

 One lucky winner will get the grand prize — a $100 gift certificate!


Free Events:

 Featuring Matcha! (ceremonial, tea infused and lattes)

March 14: Tasting Teas of the World at Front Range Village, 6:30-8pm

March 15: Foodie Walk in Old Town,  5-8pm

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