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The tall, 28 oz. Cast Iron Water Bucket Arita Teapot is crafted out of cast iron, which is known for holding heat well and distributing it evenly. Crowned with a floral ceramic lid on the outside and protected with an enamel inner-layer, the flavor of your loose-leaf tea will be as carefully composed as the Cast Iron Water Bucket Arita Teapot. Specs: Material: Cast Iron Teapot: 28 oz. Infuser basket included: yes Color: black Leafster Recommendations: Taiwan Wenshan Boazhong Oolong, Japan Sencha Fukamushi Green Tea, China Jasmine Pearls Green Tea About cast iron teapots: Cast iron teapots came on the scene in Japan in the 18th century. Previously, tea was prepared in powdered form. With the emergence of loose-leaf tea, the Japanese public needed a means to steep tea leaves. During the 19th century, cast iron teapots became symbols of status, intricately and gracefully decorated. Teapots like these are what you will encounter at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse.


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Strawberry Oolong Tea

Oolong is said to share many flavor compounds with strawberries. This makes a wonderful synergy of flavor. This particular oolong is light on oxi dation and rolled in the “semi-pellet” style which allows the leaf to slowly un furl over the course of multiple steep ings. This is a great tea for beginners to oolong and connoisseurs alike. This tea also contains goji berries.

Steep Time: 1/2 min
Water Temp: 212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1
0 100