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Description: The 14 oz. Cast Iron Water Bucket Teapot is the perfect aesthetic companion with an exterior of speckle-painted earthy green. Maintaining heat at high temperatures, the interior of the Cast Iron Water Bucket Teapot is protected with an enamel to preserve the flavor of every pot of loose-leaf tea! Specs: Material: Cast Iron Teapot: 14 oz. Infuser basket included: yes Cups included: no Color: green Leafster Recommendations: Japan Kukicha, Goji Green Focus, Taiwan Mixiang Hong Cha “Honey Black” About cast iron teapots: Cast iron teapots came on the scene in Japan in the 18th century. Previously, tea was prepared in powdered form. With the emergence of loose-leaf tea, the Japanese public needed a means to steep tea leaves. During the 19th century, cast iron teapots became symbols of status, intricately and gracefully decorated. Teapots like these are what you will encounter at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse.


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Matcha - Ceremonial Grade Organic - 1oz tin
Organic Ceremonial Matcha meets USDA-NOP, EU, and Japan Organic standards. An organic matcha of this high quality is rare – even in the Japanese market. Featuring a smooth, delicate flavor and a pleasant vegetal aftertaste, this grade is the best that we carry. Each 30g tin will yield between 15 and 20 servings.
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