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Mosaic meets earthiness in the CremeBlue 18 oz. Ceramic Tea Set, with a textured, grey surface, a strip of ceramic white and blue pattern overlays the teapot and matching two cups. With an infuser included, the Cremeblue 18 oz. Ceramic Tea Set is the perfect occasion for tea for two! Specs: Material: Ceramic Teapot: 18 oz. Infuser basket included: yes Cups: 2 Color: Grey with white and blue detail Leafster Recommendations: Dongfang Meiren “Oriental Beauty”, Ceylon Vithanakanda EFLLOP, Rooibos Chocolate Orange


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CERAMIC TPOT-Banko Tsubo -8oz
The charcoal Ceramic 8 oz. Banko Tsubo Teapot is a kyusu-style Japanese teapot, meaning its principle is to steep Japanese green teas, as they require cooler water temperatures (between 140º to 180º). The Ceramic 8 oz. Banko Tsubo Teapot features a slight shimmer, making this teapot as radiant as Japanese green tea. See paragraph below for information on the traditional Japanese steeping process. Spec’s: Material: Ceramic Size: 3.2”H, 3.2”Diameter Volume: 8 oz. Color: Charcoal About the traditional Japanese steeping process: Water is boiled in a tetsubin, then transferred to a yuzamashi, which decreases the temperature of the water by 15º to 20º (185º-190º). The water is then poured into a kyusu, dropping the temperature by another 15º to 20º (165º-175º), at which point the water is primed to steep quality Japanese green teas. Leafster Recommendations: Japan Gyokuro, Japan Sencha Fukamushi, Japan Genmaicha
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