Blue Brush Teaset - ceramic - 32oz

Blue Brush Teaset - ceramic - 32oz

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The Blue Brush Tea Set set will remind you of your best friend, because there is so much to love about it. The tea pot features a simple floral design on top of a blue, vertical paint brush stroke backdrop. The five accompanying cups are red, orange, green, blue and purple, making the Blue Brush Tea Set easy for everyone to enjoy! Spec’s:
Material: Ceramic
Teapot: 32 oz.
Included in tea set: Teapot w/ infuser, 5 cups
Color: Multi-colored
Leafster Recommendations: Korea Daejak, Tropical Sunrise Black, Rooibos Cinnamon & Orange


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CERAMIC TPOT-Banko Tsubo -8oz
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