Birch Teapot - ceramic - 20oz

Product Description


Don’t try peeling the bark paper off of this skillfully crafted Birch Teapot! In coloration and texture, this teapot simulates the trunk of a birch tree. The sides feature indentations that harken back to the grips on more traditional Japanese teaware, but please, use the handle. We don't want you burning yourself and dropping this lovely teapot.
Material: Ceramic
Volume: 20 oz.
Infuser included: Yes
Color: Speckled off-white
Leafster Recommendations: Nepal Ama Dablam “Bai Mu Dan”, China Tea Forest Green, Chamomile Lavender


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Strawberry Oolong Tea

Oolong is said to share many flavor compounds with strawberries. This makes a wonderful synergy of flavor. This particular oolong is light on oxi dation and rolled in the “semi-pellet” style which allows the leaf to slowly un furl over the course of multiple steep ings. This is a great tea for beginners to oolong and connoisseurs alike. This tea also contains goji berries.

Steep Time: 1/2 min
Water Temp: 212°
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1
0 100