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The white Ceramic Aroma Set includes a tall aroma cup to capture fragrance, a small tasting cup to sip tea, and a bamboo coaster on which to set the tea-tasting apparati. This set can be matched with a gaiwan to brew quality tea enjoyed by all five senses. Instructions for Use: 1. Brew your choice of tea in a gaiwan or teapot. 2. Pour a liquid ounce of tea into the aroma cup. 3. Place the tasting cup on top, hold securely and flip both cups upside-down. 4. Remove the aroma cup and smell the fragrance of tea. 5. Sip from the tasting cup. Spec’s: Material: Bamboo tray, ceramic cups Size: Tray: 4.5” L, 2.75” W; Aroma Cup: 2”H, 1.5”Diameter, Drinking Cup: 1”H, 2.5”Diameter Color: Bamboo; White Leafster Recommendations: Glenburn Silverneedle White Tea, China Da Hong Pao, Taiwan Tung Ting


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Tsubura Kyusu - Banko pottery - 14oz
CERAMIC TPot-BankoTsubura-14oz
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