Ling Long Teaset - Blue & White - ceramic - 6OZ

Ling Long Teaset - Blue & White - ceramic - 6OZ

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The Longling Ceramic Tea Set combines baroque detailing with a Chinese gongfucha setup. The tea set includes a 6 oz. teapot, gaiwan, saucer, fairness cup, infuser and infuser stand, and five tasting cups. The Longling Tea Set features an pattern of small windows of glass on certain pieces, including the teapot and cups, which grant a visual of the tea as you sip. Spec’s: Material: Ceramic and glass Teapot: 6 oz. Included in teaset: teapot, gaiwan, saucer, fairness cup, infuser, infuser stand, 5 tasting cups Color: White and blue About Gongfucha: Gongfucha translates to “tea with great skill.” The earliest exposure of the gongfucha practice was found in the Chaozhou region of China, between Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Rather than a symbolic event, gongfucha is a service intending to realize the art of tea toward a science by controlling the variables of tea quality and quantity, water temperature, brew time, and teapot size. Leafster Recommendations: White Peony, China Dragaonwell “Long Jing”, China Grand Qi Men Hao Ya


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