Aladdin Travel Tea Infuser - green

Aladdin Travel Tea Infuser - green

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At Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, we love the Aladdin Travel Tea Infuser so intently, we put our logo on it! This to-go tumbler infuses your favorite Happy Lucky’s loose-leaf beverage on the go, with the option to re-steep once you get there! The Aladdin Infuser is perfectly engineered with a drop-down infusion basket and leak-resistant lid for tea-lovers on a mission. Directions:
1. Add loose-leaf to the basket.
2. Fill the tumbler with hot water, following your Happy Lucky’s brewing instructions for steeping time.
3. Lower the basket using the lever on the side of the tumbler.
4. Once tea is finished steeping, lift the basket, and enjoy!
5. Repeat if desired. Specs:
Material: BPA-free Plastic
Size: 7.25” H, 3” Diameter
Volume: 12 oz.
Color: Green
Infuser basket included: Yes
Microwave/Dishwasher Safe: Yes Leafster Recommendations:
Taiwan Tung Ting, Japan Sencha, Be Well


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