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Why trust an online tea merchant especially if you can not see it, smell it or taste it? How do I know their tea is any good? Will it be fresh? Will it arrive as described? Is it that much different then the tea in the little bag in the little box from the grocery store or your favorite whole food emporium? Do you select a brand based on packaging when you don't know what's inside? Ever buy a bottle of wine because it had a cool label? 

All great questions that Happy Lucky's can answer very simply. We are a real and true brick and mortar tea shop. Every day customers come and buy our loose-leaf tea, some to take home and brew for themselves and some to enjoy in our teahouse sharing with friends, family, loved ones or over business. And sometimes shared in celebration. We wish you were here too.

Our Great Wall of Tea is the largest selection in the state of Colorado and it's tested everyday. That is why you can trust Happy Lucky's tea. We ship the exact same tea we sell to the folks who walk in our doors. We wish you were here but they will do the sensory test for you. They are good people—they will examine it, smell it and taste it. 

We ship everywhere.

The Leafsters invite you to explore the Virtual Great Wall of Tea. You can also browse by tea by origin or tea by type. Looking for a certain flavor or something specific? Type it into the search bar. 

Buy in Bulk and Save

Bulk loose-leaf tea discounts off the price per ounce:
• Buy a 4 oz bag = 5% off 
• Buy a 8 oz bag = 10% off 
• Buy a 16 oz bag = 15% off